It is key to delight your users in this Age of Experience. Understanding both architecture, business needs, content, users and their context to deliver a holistic solution.

Creative UX/UI Specialist

- Koen van der Veldt -

IKEA Food Safety Certification

Ikea Food Safety

A circular dynamic menu taking you through a Food Safety certification process.


W36 – Mixing flavours like music


Restaurant/Club design of logo, print material and responsive website.

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About me

Koen van der Veldt has hands-on experience with enterprise web app UI design, front-end development, responsive and graphic design. Working with both highly technical and marketing focused people he acts as a bridge and has a track record of  improving outcomes for all sorts of websites and applications proved to be of great operational benefit.

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Books on my shelves

A short lists of books I love that are on my book shelves.



Digital Project Manager at a leading global provider of telecom business solutions.


ASICS: Working for a Japanese sports brand

Improving the bi-yearly product catalog update process, user story based design of Amsterdam flagship store.


Start a business the lean way

Our parents could work for 20 years at the same company which nowadays is more of an exception than a rule. As the world is changing rapidly and established industries are slimming down their workforce there is a lot to gain in becoming more entrepreneurial. The large corporations are canceling job positions that probably will never return so it is up to us to change our mindsets and create our own businesses.


Innovate hard and play hard in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is an amazing place and the center of Silicon Wadi.