Designing at scale at Digital Insurance Group 

Is it Possible to Make Insurance Fun?

UX challenge: Design an easy to use white label insurance DIG platform

Team: Product Owner, Business Analyst, IT Architect, Off shore development team Belgrade

You have your car insurance in one place, life insurance somewhere else and your travel insurance at yet another insurance company. It’s not easy to get a quick overview of all your insurances and a lot of effort to optimise your insurance portfolio (compare or find a better deal).


UX Challenge

The Digital Insurance Group wants to enable you to manage your insurances in a single place. For both customers and the insurance company.

This single insurance space will allow you to get a notification when on an airport and instantly purchase travel insurance if you forgot about it. Get a notification if there are more attractive car insurances on the market than the one you currently have. 

Create a design system that will allow DIG to quickly prototype branded offers to potential insurance company clients. 

Management_Home_Cockpit Copy

UX Solution

The first thing that had to be tackled was to deep dive into the insurance world. Like most people it is an evil that you only touch when absolutely necessary. We took this adversity that many people have against insurances and created a friendly user experience to replace the adversity with a pleasant surprise. It needs to be a breeze to add a new insurance, optimise existing insurances and manage your entire portfolio.

Simple single task per page fill out forms to not overload the customer with deals and other clutter. 

We created a DIG Design System in Sketch that allowed us to create a branded working mobile/web app prototype in minutes.

Use of Sketch in combination with Abstract for versioning and collaboration with the teams in Berlin and Belgrade (git for sketch).

mobile app – returning user

Specific tools and experience

Sketch, Abstract, Zeplin, FramerX, Invision, Atlassian(Jira, Confluence)


  • Design system creation based on a white labeling business model for Insurance companies (Zurich).
  • Form design. How to make long forms as smart and easy to fill out as possible.
  • Responsive design for web, iOS and Android
  • Working with developers and designers in Berlin and Belgrade.
  • Gained in-dept knowledge of the insurance industry.
  • Worked closely with the company founders in a Scale up situation.  

Koen van der Veldt
is a product & information designer