Data Product Design at Ahold

Challenge: Transform manually produced weekly static reports into dynamic dashboards and create Data awareness in Ahold. 

BI Challenge:
What are dashboard benefits? Why would you even read it every week?

Multiple SCRUM teams for Gall & Gall, AH Mangement reporting, Etos and European brands.

Data Differentiation Platform

Ahold has many brands who all do things a little different on multiple data systems. After interviewing product owners of the different brands and countries it became clear there were much more common data wishes than expected. 



Top selling cities in the Netherlands


  • Much time is invested in manual data manupilation and emailing on a weekly basis in order to generate sales reports.
  • Reporting is very different per department while the needs are pretty much the same. Even on a European level financial professionals want to see the same sort of numbers. 
  • Reporting is static and send via email. It is not possible to look back into time unless you save the reports send to your email. 
  • Departments can only react on last week's data since the reports are generated once a week. 
  • Most reporting is done with large Excel sheets and less frequent with Tableau or PowerBI.


The Ahold organisation can save enormous amounts of man hours and become more responsive in steering sales by automating the availability of data and the choice of tooling to share the sales numbers

Creating a set consistent report designs will save a lot of re-inventing the wheel throughout the companies and makes it possible to exchange knowledge cross organisation. 


Based on the zoom meetings with the different departments and report readers I started to write down as many ideas for improvement as possible.

The users in the middle

During ideation you have to think about the extremes to be sure you cover the whole spectrum. In this case it was better to focus on the middle because the extreme users will want to connect to the date themselves with Power BI and won't be that interested in the basic figures a default sales report is going to offer.  



Because during ideation I collected a lot of ideas for new reports (converge after diverge) I could filter out what ideas are most simple to execute.


Clean, cleaner, cleanest. Reports tend to have a lot of information and during sketching it became clear to bring the amount of information to an absolute minimum and use mouse overs in PowerBI to get more information.  



Specific tools and experience

Power BI, Tableau, Processing, Sketch, Figma, PowerPoint optimisation, Sharepoint, Confluence, Jira, Affinity Designer


  • Designing and building Power BI dashboards based on Excel, Direct Query Azure connections
  • Optimizing existing Tableau dashboards
  • Working with Data Scientists and Engineers
  • Indept knowledge of the Supermarket and food and beverages industry
  • Data driven design

Datahub landing page design

Promotion of use of data in Ahold group. 


Koen van der Veldt
is a product & information designer