Koen van der Veldt : Creative UX/UI Front-end Specialist

Koen is an experienced UX/UI designer and front-end digital specialist. He uses his broad digital knowledge and hands-on skill sets he accumulated over 20 years of web experience to see the unseen interconnectedness of your organisation. Koen is of great value when managing the business side as well as the user side and repeatedly served as a bridge connecting the needs and wants of both parties.

He has a proven track record of successfully improving outcomes for all sorts of websites, portals and applications following a User Centered approach.

Koen has worked across a broad range of European and international sectors including Footwear Retail, HR technology, Education, Mobile networking, Cable operator, Banking and Online search.


Strategy – find the best route
Empathy – sense emotions of those around him
Maximizer – excellence not average
Woo – winning others over
Ideation – fascinated by ideas

Analog interests


Snake curl

Curly hair shape based on Barcelona art nouveau sculpture.

Woman looking over her shoulder

Sculpture based on a 2d drawing of Amedeo Modigliani.

Long distance running

My zen time where I keep in shape both physically as mentally.