Koen van der Veldt : Creative UX/UI Front-end Specialist

I started my career at the start of the internet industry and was instantly fascinated by it. The idea of creating something that makes your life easier and can be used by anyone interactively all over the world, still seems very powerful.

I worked for different international companies in different industries (Education, Retail, Telecom, FinTech, HRTech…) fulfilling several design and technical job titles.
A couple of years ago I realised that my broad experience in technology, love for design, business insight and connecting people are ideal ingredients for UX design.

Immersing myself in your company and its customers, defining what is needed, producing ideas and quickly deliver working prototypes, will grow your business faster. This process de-risks go to market, allows you to learn as you go, fail fast, fail cheaply and help business make better decisions faster.

Currently I’m working for “Foundation in Design Thinking” certification at IDEO to even better support teams thinking creatively to solve problems in all disciplines.


Strategy – find the best route
Empathy – sense emotions of those around him
Maximizer – excellence not average
Woo – winning others over
Ideation – fascinated by ideas

Analog interests


Snake curl

Curly hair shape based on Barcelona art nouveau sculpture.

Woman looking over her shoulder

Sculpture based on a 2d drawing of Amedeo Modigliani.

Long distance running

My zen time where I keep in shape both physically as mentally.